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About Us

Credence Tax Services is a virtual tax office run by experienced professionals who care about you. We provide peace of mind by focusing not only on Tax Planning strategies for optimum refunds at tax time, but also on safeguarding your money for the future. At Credence Tax Services you can always be assured that your finances are in Good Hands. Our goal is to build better financial relationships for a better tomorrow. We accomplish this by connecting you with Life Insurance Specialists, Retirement Agents, Health Insurance Providers, Estate Planners and Credit Repair Specialist in addition to providing you with specific tax planning strategies for your needs.

Why Credence?

Credence means “belief in or acceptance of something as true. When you give Credence to something, you are validating its truthfulness or believability. We want our clients to believe in our work and accept that we will provide them with the best results.

About Veronica L. Younger – Founder

Veronica L. Younger, E.A. has 5+ years of tax and accounting experience. Her niche is Real Estate as she is also currently a Realtor for Metro Brokers and has been an investor for many years.  Veronica is an IRS Enrolled Agent which means she has earned the privilege of representing taxpayers before the Internal Revenue Service by passing a rigorous three-part “test on tax law for individuals and businesses. Enrolled Agent status is the highest credential the IRS awards. This means Veronica is licensed to practice before the IRS just an attorney. She can help with all types of tax  matters, including tax resolution, audits, appeals, negotiations and representation. In her off season she enjoys getting people into their dream home or helping that investor receive the best bang for his/her buck.

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